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ECO 6 Stage Lighting Kit Assembly

Stage Lighting Kit: ECO 6 (SLK/ECO6)

Firstly, thanks for buying one of our stage lighting kits, we really appreciate it and if we can be of any help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ve tried to make these instructions as clear and concise as possible, we know not everyone is technically minded but by following the description below you should be creating beautiful lighting effects in no time!

Important Information

It is important that the power is only connected once the kit is fully assembled. Lights can get hot once powered up, please use caution. If you need assistance at any time please contact us for technical support.


This stage lighting kit contains:

8x Compact Par 18 LED Wash Lights

2x T-Bar Stand

6x IEC Jumper Cable

1x LED Controller

6x DMX Jumper Cable

2x 10M Mains Extension Cable

2x 20M 3 Pin DMX Cable



Remove all packaging and check you have the parts listed above.

  1. Assemble the T-Bar Stand as per the supplied paper instructions.
  2. Using the nut and bolt sets in the T-Bar undo each one in turn and hold the hole on the yoke of the lights up to the bolt, return the nut and tighten, this can be above or below the bar, the choice is yours. Do this for each of the 4 lights.
  3. You can tighten the lights to stop them drooping using the knob on the side.
  4. Starting from one side plug an IEC Jumper cable from Power Out to Power In on the next light and make a daisy chain.
  5. Starting from the same side side plug a DMX Jumper cable from DMX Out to DMX In on the next light and make a daisy chain.
  6. Take the 20M 3 Pin DMX cable and plug it into the back of the controller (it can only go one way).
  7. Plug the opposite end of the DMX cable into the DMX In port on the first light.
  8. Use the long DMX Cable and Mains Cable to jump to the second stand and repeat.
  9. Plug the power supply into the back of the controller.
  10. Plug the 10M Mains extension cable into the Power In on the first light.
  11. Plug in both plugs and turn the power on.
  12. Switch both the Lights and Controller on using the power switches.
  13. Refer to the controller manual for operation.

One time Set Up…

On this kit you will need to program each light, this only needs to be done once, refer to the LED manual on how to do this, make the lights as follows:

  1. Make each light 4 channel mode
  2. Set the DMX start address of the first light to 1, set the DMX start address of the second light to 9, and the third to 17 and the fourth to 25 and so on, adding 8 each time so they should be D001, D009, D017, D025, D033, D041, D049 AND D057.
  3. On the control desk:To assign channels in accordance with the table below:
    1. Press and hold Patch/Down for 3 secs to enter patch mode
    2. Choose channel range with SPEED fader (1, 17, 33, 49. i.e. each covers two fixtures)
    3. Choose DMX channel with FADE fader
    4. Press Fixture Button
    5. Press Flash button for the channel to be patched

    Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each DMX channel to be assigned.


    Then press and hold Patch/Down for 3 secs to exit patch mode.


Setting a scene…

  1. Press Record for 3 secs to enter Program mode
  2. Select the first fixture required for the scene
  3. Set master fader to full
  4. Adjust the Red, Green and Blue faders to give the colour and intensity required
  5. De-select that fixture and set all faders to zero
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each fixture required for the scene
  7. Momentarily press Record, followed by the desired scene number

Repeat steps 2 to 7 for each scene to be set up.  Up to eight scenes may be stored on each of two pages.

Finally exit Program mode by pressing Record for 3 secs.

Recalling a scene…

De-select all fixtures and press the button for the required scene.  Two or more scenes may be selected at the same time.  Since pressing two buttons simultaneously is not an option, the buttons must be pressed consecutively. 

The Fade fader sets the time for a scene to be faded in or faded out.  It also controls the time for operation of the blackout button.

To cross-fade from one scene to another, set the desired time on the Fade fader, press the new scene button, followed immediately by de-selecting the previous scene button.

And you’re done!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us .

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