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Stage lighting kits? We’re passionate about them and want you to choose the right system.


Your peace of mind is our most important goal, this kit chooser answers many of the most frequently asked questions regarding our stage lighting kits or lighting in general. If your question is not answered here, or you want to chat about our stage lighting kits and how they work, please contact our Customer Care Team .


This is the most asked question and there’s no easy answer, there are pro’s and con’s to both depending on your budget, your level of comfort with the technical aspects on lighting and what you’re trying to achieve, the questions below should help make things clearer.


PAR lights are included in Eco 1 and Eco 2 , they are wash lights which will give you a general cover of light which is coloured either by using gel or the colour mixing facility if it is an LED PAR such as those in the Eco 4 LED , Eco 5 LED and Eco 6 LED .


A Fresnel light is also a type of wash light, in our kits they are brighter than the PARs and come with barndoors which enable you to stop light from spilling onto the ceiling or walls. In these types of lights you also have some control over the beam angle, by moving a small knob the base of the light you can decrease or increase the beam angle, often referred to as ‘spot’ and ‘flood’ respectively. In our kits you will find Fresnels with bulbs in the Eco 3 , Pro 1 and Pro 2 and an LED version in any or our Pro LED kits .


Profile lights produce clearly defined spots of light, they have a lens (sometimes two lenses), a light source and a reflector, and they also have shutters.
Profiles get their name from their ability to project the shape of anything placed in the gate of the lantern between the lamp and the lens. These shapes may be formed by the shutters, or they may be cut out of thin metal (a “gobo”). The shutters are a more flexible (and accurate) version of the barndoors which can be used on Fresnels. Barndoors are not used on a profile as the shutters do a better job.

You will find profile lights with bulbs in the Pro 2 drama kit and an LED version in the Pro 4 and Pro 6 kits .

The premise behind control of the lights on either LED kits or kits with bulbs is basically the same although the LED drama kits are a little more involved.

Kits with bulbs

In this set up you have a set of lights which are plugged into a dimmer which is attached to the stand, the dimmer has a power cable which runs to a power socket, into the dimmer also runs a DMX cable, on the other end is the control desk.

The control desk has sliders on it, one for each light, by moving the slider up or down the amount of electricity flowing to the light it is controlling is varied making the bulb bright or dim.

Kits with LEDs

We’ll try and not get too technical here as it sounds a lot more complicated that it actually is! In it’s rawest form an LED light has Red, Green and Blue LEDs, in the same way the kits with bulbs work by varying the amount of electricity running to each LED will vary their intensity and therefore give you the ability to not only control brightness but alter the colour the light emits (think of a colour wheel). LED lights don’t need the dimmer so the set up is simpler, just the lights connected to the power and the control desk.

No! All of our kits are designed to run off standard power sockets, there’s nothing special required.

The lights on any of our kits with bulbs get relatively hot, you wouldn’t be able to touch them for a long period of time (we’re not talking Raiders of the Lost Arc hand melting though!).

LED lights on both the Eco range and the Pro range get warm to the touch, not hot.

We use the same stands across our entire range apart from the Eco 4 LED, they fold down so are portable and easy to store, the useful dimensions are:

Max Height 3M

Min Height 1.1M

Diameter of Legs 1.18M

Length of T-Bar 1M

Yes! All of our LED kits use fixtures that are ‘flicker free’. Some (usually low cost) LED lights appear to strobe or flash if you film them, but not ours.

You should take your time when you receive your kit to familiarise yourself with the different parts and how it all fits together, leave yourself at least 45 mins. Once you’re used to it we think you can assemble a kit in 10-15 mins.

We’re always available to give technical support either by phone or email, we don’t out a time limit on this service, once a customer always a customer .

This really depends on your budget but in an idea world it’s good to have two kits, one either side of the performance pointing in at 45 degrees, this way you get maximum light coverage with minimal shadow.

This is really only an issue with our Eco 1 , Eco 2 , Eco 3 , Pro 1 and Pro 2 drama kits and the answer is no, it’s your choice, if you want to buy any two of these but want a single controller we can do this for FREE! Just let us know when you order. One thing to note is if you chose this option we’ll supply you with a long 20M cable which will need to run between the two stands.

That’s OK, it happens to the best of us, drop us a line by email or give us a call, or drop us an email and ask us to call you! Lets talk things through, don’t be shy!

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