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Product Description

This is our budget fresnel system, the lights are the bright at 500W each and there are 4 of them in this drama kit, each with a set of barn doors, control of the lights is via a simple control desk with sliders, one for each of light and one ‘master’ which can control them all simultaneously.

The lights on the stand plug into one of four power sockets on a dimmer which is powered via a 10M mains cable into a standard domestic socket, the dimmer is attached to the stand by means of a simple clamp.

Control of this lighting kit is via a simple control desk with a slider for the lights in pairs (push the slider up and the light gets bright, pull it down and the light dims), the control desk is connected to the dimmer by a DMX control cable which is 20M long, you can therefore stand up to 20M away from the lighting stand to activate the lights for your performance.

The price of this kit is £1050 excluding VAT/£1260 including VAT.

Kit Contents

The Eco 3 stage lighting drama kit includes the following items:

T-Bar Stand with a minimum height of 1.1M and maximum height of 3M
4x Budget Fresnel lights complete with colour gel frame and IEC plugs
4x Barn doors for the fresnel lights
4x 500W Bulbs
Starter selection of colour gel
1x IEC 4 channel DMX dimmer with 13A Plug and fixing clamp
1x Mains extension cable
1x 20M 3 Pin DMX control cable
1x DMX control desk with slider control

Technical Info

Each of our drama kits are designed to be assembled and operated by a person with no prior knowledge of stage lighting, there is no requirement for an electrician or any specialist electrical supplies, the Eco 3 stage lighting kit requires two standard 13A sockets (one for the lights and one for the controller).

The stand on the Eco 3 kit has a minimum height of 1.1M and a maximum safe working height of 3M, the floorspace required by the base is 1.18M (Diameter).

The lamps (bulbs) included in this kit have a maximum output of 500W each, there are 4 lights on the kit which are controlled independently.

If you require further in depth technical assistance please contact us.

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